Anylight Architectural Lighting Control Systems

'Smart Home' Lighting Systems From Anytronics

The Anylight range of products are designed and manufactured in the UK by Anytronics. Anylight is an architectural lighting control system of a type commonly used in ‘Smart Home’ lighting applications that provides a flexible and powerful solution for both residential and commercial 'smart home' lighting control requirements.

Anylight is an easy to install, and easy to use ‘Smart Home’ lighting control package which provides a wide range of control, including: - PIR's, infrared remote control and push button outstations. These are wired back to the Anylight interface installed in one of the Anytronics range of Anylight dimming or switching packs. These are capable of controlling incandescent loads, most leading edge dimmable LED’s and many of the compact fluorescent lamps on the market.

In addition the Anylight ‘Smart Home’ architectural lighting control system can be triggered by most building alarms to improve your safety.

If mains dimming is NOT required, see DALI, DSI and 0-10V /1-10V Analogue.

Anytronics Anylight System ALDP1602 Dimming Pack Single Button Outstation 2 Button Outstation Wall Mounted Infra Red Panel Anylight remote control handset 4 Button Outstation 6 Button Outstation 8 Button Outstation 15 Button Outstation Flashing Alarm Panel Static Alarm Panel Ceiling Mount PIR